What do you mean?

Bieber made an entire song about not understanding women.

So the age-old question continues, generation after generation. What do women really want? I think men and women come into the same issues when dealing with each other. The question I have and want to explore in this blog post, which Bieber references in the end of the song, why can’t we be more straight forward. Why can’t we just say what we want and Don’t want. I’ve decided to do that recently but then labeled “Picky”. Using my past failed relationships as a guide, I know what makes me happy and what doesn’t. For one, Arguing, is at the top of the “I won’t do that list’. Having been through the smallest of arguments to the biggest, where the authorities had to be called, I say “No thanks”. If we can’t talk through whatever issues we are having, without yelling and using colorful language, then I will gladly excuse myself from the situation. We call ourselves adults and say that we love one another, then we should be able to avoid heated arguments and work through it. I’ve been told that it’s impossible not to argue with your partner. I 100% disagree. It is not possible to not have disagreements, because no two people are alike. It is 100% possible to not argue. I know what you’re thinking, But arguing and disagreeing are the same thing. Just by looking at the definitions we can tell they are not the same. Webster defines arguing as an exchange or express diverging or opposite views, typically in a heated or angry way. Where as Disagreeing is simply defined as to have or express a different opinion. If you find yourself having more arguments than disagreements, you really need to step back and ask yourself why are you with that person. You deserve a stress free relationship. You deserve happiness to the highest level. Everyday you wake up, that person should put a smile on your face. Have I found that yet, no, But I  know it’s out there. How do I know that? Because I know God. He is a God of love and would want nothing less than the things listed above for me. Be more straightforward, state what you will accept and not accept and stick to it. 


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