Immeasurable Love

Life can be so hard at times. It is during these moments that you are really forced to stop and re-evaluate every decision you have made thus far. Where did I go wrong? How did i lose focus? These are questions that I have asked myself. I’ve prayed for God to open my eyes and to give me wisdom and understanding. He brought to my attention that my focus has recently changed from my love of him to the love of money. My happiness was tied to my money. I was given a most humble lesson. Though times are tough for me right now, I find that I am gaining a new kind of happiness. A new kind of joy. I know this time of darkness is something I had to go through. I feel stronger, wiser and happier. How did this happen?

Things were going great in my life or so I thought. I started to pray less and didn’t spend anytime with God. I was still very much a believer of Christ, but sort of put him on a shelf. I decided that I was in control of my life. If it is one thing as a believer you should know, is that God should be at the forefront. He should be your everything.  We make life so much more difficult when we cut God out or put him on a shelf until we need him. I made some bad choices that would not have happened had I consulted with my Father in heaven. I was brought to my knees in tears asking him for forgiveness. The thing that is most amazing about God is that no matter what you do his love for you never changes. I know he is fixing all my wrongs and restoring me beyond were I was before. Do I deserve any of this? No, but his love for us is immeasurable.

If you find yourself feeling lost, confused or just plain stuck! Consult your father in heaven, and ask him for guidance. He will take the mess that you made and turn it into something beautiful. God wants nothing but the best for us and only he knows what’s best for us. No matter how much we think we can take control of this complicated life and do it all alone, you will always end up feeling like something is missing. Even if your life becomes a great success but you leave God out of it, you will never feel complete. We all know that feeling, you tell yourself that you should feel happy because you got everything you wanted but you can’t figure out this dark hole that you feel on the inside. No matter how much you drink, how much sex you have, how much partying you do, you just don’t feel complete.

Jesus died so we wouldn’t have to live with pain but live with peace. He died so that we could experience God’s love. He loves you beyond your understanding and that is what your heart is craving. His love is the only thing that can fill that void. Allow him to take care of you, to love you and fill you with Joy. Cry out to him and cast all your cares to the one true God. He wants to be your teacher, your guide and your best friend. There is no love on this earth that will feel like his. Just know that you are loved. Your life will change and things will get better. Take hold of your saviors hand and allow him to take you on a journey of a lifetime.


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