¡ What do you know about Love ¡

The smile that calms the nerves that are trying to choke me.

The voice that silences the noise and the negative visions that evoke me.

The fact that I can’t put two words together when your around.

The beating of my heart, when you look at me is the only sound.

What is happening to me? How are you doing this to me?

The control of my love I want it back.

Freely dancing in my veins, my love for you.

What have you done that you’ve gained such authority.

Your face, your touch , your voice overpowers me.

I don’t want to be this girl.

You are not the ruler of my world.

Free me from this thing called love, cause I’ve had enough.

I want to control my heart, I want to control my life.

I want the girl that didn’t have a care in the world to come back.

The girl that didn’t care about what she lacked.

The girl with enough confidence to move mountains out of her way.

Now, instead I look to you.

Wait for you to take the lead.

Wait for you to allow me to speak.

Wait for you to take a step and tell me where to go next.

I do this for love, I remind myself.

What do you know about love? the voice asks me

I love Him

What do you know about love? the voice said once again

He loves me

That extra beat in your heart that made you feel that you were in love was lust.

The words that won’t come in his presence is your spirit giving up.

You see, Love is my son dying for you on the cross.

Love is picking you up time after time that you’ve fallen without reminding you of all that you’ve lost.

Love is divine direction.

The Man, the REAL Man, I have made for you is waiting..

Skillfully Created but he’s waiting…

Waiting for you to see past this façade of a relationship that your In.

Waiting for you to discover who I made you to be, the beauty within…..

Because his love can only be recognized through your love for me.

So I ask you again,My Daughter, My Beloved,  what do you know about love?


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