Experiencing the world outside-inside

Picture sitting by your window, hands on your chin. Cars speeding by, people off to enjoy their day. Kids playing, men mowing the lawn. Now you grab your phone open your Facebook App and scroll. This one is at the movies with their friends, that one is on a date with their Boo. You smile, Keep scrolling. Stop, baby pictures, oh look its baby’s first Saturday at the park, how cute! Like the pic, comment :”How cute”. Okay that’s enough of Facebook…….INSTAGRAM time!  Oh look at her OOTD!! So cute , Double tap, comment :”You go girl, so cute”

The ritual we all go through daily. There is no problem with that unless that is the only way you experience the world. It always baffled me when a movie star would be asked, what is your favorite TV show? Most of the time the reply would be “Oh I don’t watch much TV.” How is that? this is what you do for a living. But then I thought about it. They are doing what they loved so there was no need to watch other people doing what they loved. We all should have equally awesome stuff to post and share with the world. Not just sitting back and liking and being happy for the other person. When will you celebrate yourself. When will you be able to say,I don’t have time for social media? and even if you do it will be to share some of the amazing moments in your life. I say some because there will be many that are so amazing that you just want to keep it for yourself.

Then there are those that smile for the camera and cry while adding a filter and posting the Pic. Are you really happy or putting up a facade for the masses, The only person your fooling is yourself. How awesome would it be to post a pic with a genuine smile. A smile that comes from a soul filled with Joy. Maybe your focus should be on finding your joy and not how many likes you get on a pic. What about the days wheN something amazing happens and you are grateful because it happened and not just because you now have something to post.

The awesome thing about social media is that people get to celebrate with you during the good times and grieve with you during the bad. Where it becomes troublesome is when that is your only form of gratification for living your life. When its the only way you choose to connect with the ones you love. Get out there and do the things you love, experience this world while you can. There are so many people that you need to meet and that NEED to meet you.

This has turned into a letter to myself!


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