Happy New Year!!!

I Love You !

I am wishing for a prosperous and healthy year for all my friends and Family. Also anyone else reading this Blog post 🙂

May this be the year of change that you have been praying for. That dream you’ve been pregnant with for far too long, May you pick a date and give birth already ! For that change in your life that you know you need to make but have been too afraid, may you find the courage to take the first step. I pray for Joy to sweep over all of you , especially those that have had a rough 2015.

May you find the courage to overcome any addiction, fear, anger that you have been dealing with.

For my Married/Dating peeps, may your marriages be blessed with peace and joy. I pray that God is in the center of your marriage so that he can bring you to a level of happiness that is overwhelming. If you are dating I pray for the assurance that the person you’re with is the right one and if not I pray for the confidence to leave. I pray that you never have the feeling of being stuck with someone. You are NEVER stuck, even if you have children together. You always have the choice to stay or go. May you never be dependent on anyone out of the fear of loneliness.

For my single peeps, I pray for overwhelming Joy to fill your heart. I pray that you never feel alone and have confidence in the fact that God is always with you. I pray that you find that special one according to God’s timing. Allow God to fill every area in your life so that when you do meet that person you will be whole. NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO COMPLETE YOU. NO ONE IS YOUR EVERYTHING. GOD IS YOUR EVERYTHING. No one but God can handle the weight of being your everything. When you realize that then you are ready for Love.

As for myself I am praying to be a better Daughter, Sister, Friend, Cousin, Niece and Blogger.

These things I pray in Jesus Name…… AMEN

Have a Blessed 2016!!


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