The Leap of Faith


It’s so easy to give up and I am speaking from experience.

The road to success is not easy, living this life is truly a fight.

Your trust and belief in God is the only thing that is going to get you through It. But why do we find it so hard to trust the Almighty? The one who made us and designed the plans of our life. If you look in the Bible you will see this happen time and time again.

For example Abraham, God told him that his wife would become pregnant despite her old age. Instead of just trusting God, since he is all knowing, Abraham laughed.

He laughed at God! We can all collectively shake our heads at Abraham but aren’t we also guilty of doubting God? When God tells you to apply for that Job but you look at the requirements and tell him no because you don’t feel qualified. What about that relationship he tells you to end but you fear being alone so you stay. Instead of believing that he can bring the one he made for you to you. Wouldn’t you classify that disobedience as the equivalent of Abraham laughing in God’s face? When God asks if you trust him your immediate response is YES, But do you really?

We hear the success stories over and over again and they all start with the same statement : I took a leap of faith. What is the leap of faith God has been asking you to take? Are you ready to really trust him? I know I am and I pray you are too!!


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