A Fresh Vision

Since Jan 1, 2016, its like God has given me a new pair of eyes. The way I see things is so different. I no longer see obstacles but I see opportunities. I now see what I am capable of and the things I’m able to accomplish. I am writing this post to motivate anyone questioning their future. Anyone thinking about the mistakes that they’ve made in the past. We hear it time and time again….The future is in your hands….and it really is. You have the ability to wake up tomorrow and change your entire life. You just have to make the decision to take the first step. Whether it’s to end a relationship that has been toxic or to start showing your true self to world. You can literally make anything happen. The question is how bad do you want it. How bad do you want your dreams to come true. How bad do you want your circumstances to change. It starts with the belief in the almighty God and the belief in who he made you to be.

I was watching a sermon by Jerry Savelle and he spoke about the favor of God. Did you know that we were made a little lower than God and he crowned us with glory and honor. You can find this passage in the Psalm 8v5 Amplified Bible. You can also watch the wonderful message and his detailed explanation of the verse on Youtube. Here is the Link: Jerry Savelle 2016- Walking in Divine Favor . The power that we possess is unlimited, if only we were to just use 10% of it, you would not believe the blessings that would occur in your life. It is only limited by your mentality. If you think negatively about your future or settle for whats comfortable then that is the life you will live. On the other hand if you believe in the greatness that the almighty has placed in you, it will push you to strive for greatness every single day. You will have daily victories as you work towards your ultimate goal.

Now with all that I have just said, please remember to keep humility at the forefront. It is so easy to get caught up with striving for greatness that we start to believe that all good things are happening only because of our actions and we cut God out of the picture. You never want to be that person. That person that is so full of ego and self-righteousness that no one can get through to them. You can easily think of the many people in any industry with those characteristics I just stated that ultimately had a “fall from grace” moment. Either humble yourself or this world and the law of the land will humble you.

I will end with this, remember the things God says about you:

You were born a winner

You are more than victorious.

You are a heir of God’s Kingdom





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