He said what……

Story Time……

So a while back I had a massive asthma attack and ended up in the emergency room. I was alone and they took me in right away. Massive might be an exaggeration but Im in bit of a dramatic mood right now, so we’ll stick with the word Massive. Anywhooo, so there I am struggling to breath,they put the oxygen mask on me and I started breathing somewhat normal again. They then decided to do an EKG. What is an EKG Danielle, you ask? Well take a look at my friend “Bill” below.


As you can see “Bill” is topless, Which meant I had to take my top off. To my surprise I had  a male nurse perform this EKG on me. I guess he read my face, well more like read my eyes and eyebrows since I still had the oxygen mask on. He then states ” It’s okay, Nothing I haven’t seen before.” <Insert Minion Voice> Whaaaaaattttt. Then he said ” Actually yours (my boobs) are really nice”. I think I went into full cardiac arrest at that point. Thanks to my savior a female nurse then walked in and the both of them conducted the rest of the EKG.

Now I know what your thinking. Danielle, why didn’t you tell him to leave or report him etc. etc. …I don’t know why, I look back and I could just kick myself. My mother was beyond upset when I told her. It was a learning experience and put in the same predicament again I would handle it completely different. Thats the thing about this life you can never imagine the situations that may occur. If you handle them well, awesome! But if you goof up, oh well you know better for next time.

Mistakes/ tragic situations/Mishaps…whatever you want to call them, give you the opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself.

Let the judgment begin! LoL

Love you!




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