Hi, My name is………

Who are you? Really, who are you? If there is anything that I have learned in my life is that you must take time to discover who you really are. Sort of fall in love with yourself. Proceed with caution with the last statement I just made. You don’t want to become so in love with yourself that you become a narcissist.

Really take time out to get to know yourself, so you can be confident when introducing yourself to the world. The reason some of us are afraid of public speaking or being the center of attention is the fear of failing or someone not liking you. When you become confident in your skills and truly believe in yourself there is no room for doubt. Of course there will always be critics of what ever you do but you start to treat them like a grain of salt.

Any negativity that comes your way in easily dismissed and you are able to progress towards your future and accomplish your goals. I don’t like giving the devil any credit, but the greatest tool that he uses against us is self doubt and worry. Worrying about what people might think or say. Doubting that we can accomplish the big dreams God has placed in our hearts. Fearing that we wont be good enough. Here’s the thing, you will never be good enough unless you try. Everything in life takes preparation and trial and error. We may not always get it at the first try and it may take a hundred times but when we finally accomplish that goal the victory will be so sweet.

Through failure you gain knowledge. Have you ever heard someone speak about a subject with such passion it makes your heart want to leap out of your chest. That passion was gained through experiencing failure and not giving up.

Last thing I want you to remember is that God is your audience, your help, your number one cheerleader. The journey of accomplishing your goals can get lonely. Everyone else can’t see the vision God has placed in your heart so they can’t share that excitement with you. You may not get thousands of views on that Youtube video you just put up. You may not get any likes on the blog post you worked so hard on. Remember this, God is always there to support you , help you and to cheer you on. As long as you have him those things don’t matter. When he is good and ready he will reveal you to the world. In his perfect timing you will be so prepared for that next step there will be no place for doubt, fear or worry in your life.

So go get started and accomplish those dreams. You were made to be fearless!!!




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