Whether its a new relationship, new Job etc. , it comes with negatives and positives. The most obvious negative is rejection. You apply for the new Job and the interview goes well and you walk out confident that you got the job but then 24 hours later, you get the “Thank you for applying but”……letter. You meet someone new that you find interesting but then it doesn’t work out. Even though these things shouldn’t have an effect on you because they’re “new”, unfortunately they do. Everyone says it over and over again, “REJECTION IS A PART OF LIFE”. I know that but that doesn’t make it suck any less.

What does make it easier is knowing your value and trusting God. Knowing that the skills you posses would be a great addition to any company. Maybe you didn’t get that job because your supposed to work for yourself, Is it time for change? Does God want to take you in a different direction than you were expecting? Is he closing those doors for a reason? These are the questions you have to ask.

I sat down today and really thought about it. I need to turn rejection into a good thing. Rejection is a sign that God has something better for you. It does not mean that you are not worthy. It doesn’t lessen your value. If anything it gives you experience which in turn raises your value.

Be confident in the knowledge you posses. Where there is room for improvement, improve. Don’t allow anyone or any circumstance to dictate your happiness or your value. “You were fearfully and wonderfully made”, Psalm139:14.




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