Scared of Success

Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone will be successful. Why? Because of fear. Fear holds us back. Whether it is fear of failure or fear of success. The following thoughts run through your head: What if I fail, I’ll look so dumb. Can I handle success. It’s going to be a lot of work if my business is successful. Im content with life right now. Are you really?

Its a humble thought to be content with life. But contentment quickly turns into complacency if you’re not careful. We should be challenging ourselves daily. We should constantly try to reach higher levels in our life. We are ever growing creatures. There is no such thing as life just stopping with where we are. Well there is such a thing, its called death. Are you really going to sit around and do the same thing day after day.

We have all heard the saying. Its easier to die than it is to live. Are you living or just existing. Get up and act on the dreams God has placed in your heart. Taking the first step is the scariest part of the journey. Once you do life will just flow. I’m not saying its going to be easy but you’ll get into the habit of handling issues as they arise.

Don’t let fear steal your success. There are people out there that need to read that book you are supposed to write. There are people who need that product you’ve been thinking of making. There are people who need to hear your voice. What are you waiting for. Have faith. Trust God. Accomplish your dreams.




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