First Day At A New School!

So in a couple of weeks school starts and it will be your first day at a new school Ahhhhhh ! I have five tips you need to know to have a successful school year.

5. Everyone is nervous; Everyone is trying to fit it!                                                                                            You’re not the only one who has butterflies in their stomach. Your entire graduating class is nervous about school. Even the so called cool kids are trying to fit in. Don’t sell yourself short of a wonderful experience, worrying about what others think of you. Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone wants to have friends. Just relax and be yourself. You will make friends with the right people if you stay true to yourself.

4. Get a Hobby or Join a team!                                                                                                                                  What do you enjoy doing? Drawing, biking, hiking, volleyball, basketball? Whatever you enjoy doing, do it! Even if it’s something you’re not sure you’ll be good at, just try it. Do not let anxiety or nerves stop you from trying. You can do what you put your mind to. Also joining a team is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Take a moment to think about what teams you may want to join this school year.

3. Work hard from beginning till the end!                                                                                                              This one is especially for high school students. Four years go by fast, so you need to make sure you work hard from the very first day of classes. You should be thinking about preparing yourself for collage from the very beginning. Good grades are very important to take you to the next level of your life. Doing good in school creates a good work ethic in you to prepare you for college or to go into business for yourself.

2. Be Bold!                                                                                                                                                                          Stand up for what you believe in and don’t stray away from what your parents taught you. There will be a lot of peer-pressure in school. Know that a true friend would never force you to do anything that your parents wouldn’t approve of. A true friend will encourage you to do what’s right. Learn how to remove yourself from negative situations and negative people. Your parents are always there for you, Talk to them.

1.Keep God First!                                                                                                                                                              Keeping God first place in your life is key to having a successful school year and a successful life. He will be there for you always. Know that you can always turn to him, even when you mess up. If you make a mistake promise yourself that you will never do it again, Confess to God and know that he forgives you.

Have an amazing school year and remember that you are loved !





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