Greater than……

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”

JOB 42 V2

The verse above was Job’s response to God after the many test God allowed Satan to put him through. Job started to question God after several test, which did not sit well with God.

After reading this chapter I have learned never to question God. I’m not saying you don’t bring your frustrations to God for clarity but I will never question why things happen.

“To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his.”  JOB 12 V13

I have realized this week that there are things that are happening in my life that I don’t understand why they’re happening and until God is ready to reveal the answer I will just hold on.

I have also realized that since the God I serve knows the answers to my problem before the problem came to exist, I need to trust him.

I believe God got upset with Job not so much because he questioned him but more that he doubted that he would rescue him just because the test kept coming.

I asked God sometime ago to help me build my faith in him. I was the type of person to worry a lot or crumble when I felt pressured. I needed him to help me lean on him. I didn’t really think about what I was asking for.

I basically signed up to the boot camp of Jesus to become a warrior of faith. There were things in me that God needed to take out of my life. I needed to become stronger and I needed to learn not to worry. Let me tell you, this boot camp has been hard! Be Careful what you pray for because God will answer you.

I once heard someone say the most dangerous prayer you can pray is “God, Use me”. I also prayed that prayer and I see now how God is preparing me to join his army and get out on the battlefield of life.

What I would like you to take away from this post is that God is on your side. The name of Jesus is greater than anything you are facing. Don’t look at the problem, look to your God and say Lord, you have the answer to this problem so I give it over to you. In Jesus name amen.

You serve a good God!!




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