I’ll pray for you…..Really!

How many times have you said to someone..I’ll pray for you! What does that mean? In just saying that statement is that all that you do, or do you actually pray.

I was that person that would say I’ll pray for you , when someone shared something with me and I was unsure of what to say. I think it has become a saying that we rely on to show someone that we care. Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome that you want to show them that you care but do you really pray?

The webster definition of prayer is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.Do we actually take the time to address God on behalf of that person or does the compassion end with” I’ll pray for you”.

God addressed this in my own life. I had a friend that was going through a hard time and I couldn’t come up with the right words to ease her pain so I told her “I’ll pray for you”.  As I was driving home that evening, I thought about her and I heard the holy spirit ask, so are you going to pray?  Since that night I find myself going to God covering all my family, friends, acquaintances and strangers in prayer.

The Bible teaches us to ask and we shall receive . We usually interpret that verse to material things but God wants us to come to him about everything. If we invite him into every area of our life, he is faithful to work on our behalf.

So the next time, you offer to pray for someone, really pray for them. God can work wonders when we actually come to him in prayer.




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