When the trumpet sounds….

For most of my life I have had some of the craziest dreams.
One day I will share some of them but for now I felt lead to share this one.
I was in between being asleep and just waking up.
The dream was ending when I heard a loud siren.
It was like like nothing I’ve heard before.
The sound rang through my whole body. I opened my eyes and I could still hear it.
I opened my mouth and I said “No God, I didn’t accomplish anything.”
What I was referring to was that I didn’t accomplish the purpose he had put in my heart.
It hit me that I hadn’t done anything with my life as of yet.
A feeling of extreme sadness came over me then the siren stopped.
I looked around and realized nothing was happening. No one else heard this siren just me.
I was gripping the corner of my bed, holding on for my life.
As if God wouldn’t be able to snatch me up if it were in fact the end of the world.

After I laughed at myself, I had a humbling moment.
Tomorrow is promised to no one and I have been dragging my foot to work on what God was telling me to do. I knew I needed to make some changes.
The thing is I do not fear death, my greatest fear is not hearing “well done good and faithful servant” from my father(God).
Do you need to start working towards your purpose?
Have you been complacent with your dreams?
Make the decision to be purposeful in accomplishing your goals.
Feel free to share this article with someone and please share your thoughts with me.
Love Danielle.

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