Praying for a divine connection. As I read my devotional yesterday it spoke about divine connections. Pastor Craig Groeschel, used Paul as an example. His friendship with Barnabas opened the door for him to lead many people to Christ. Many were afraid of Paul, formerly Saul, because of his persecution of Christians but, he was a changed man. Barnabas vouched for him and people started listening to him.

For so long I focused on getting through life and building this business of mine on my own. Not out of selfishness but just that I never thought of doing it any other way. I love meeting people and being around friends but always kept my friendships and passions/business separate.

I think many of you may be guilty of the same thing. You’re not doing it on purpose it’s just habit to do things on your own. You were raised to take care of yourself by any means necessary. It’s okay to let people in, it’s okay to bring those walls down. It’s okay to reach out for help. There isn’t a single man on earth that knows everything.

My prayer for the past few days has been for God to bring me divine connections. Friendships rooted in his word! People that can speak into my life and me into theirs. Maybe this is something you may want to pray for as well.




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