Trusting what you can’t see

You can’t see it but you feel it. It doesn’t look like it’s working but you can feel it. The circumstances aren’t ideal, but you feel it. No one else can see it coming to fruition  but you can feel it. The bills are piling up, but you have peace. The company is not taking off, but you are confident.  You are in arms reach, you can feel it. You’re standing with your hand stretched out , waiting and expecting.

Here’s the thing the world doesn’t understand. Grace and Favour can’t be seen with the human eye but it CAN be experienced. They can’t see what God is doing! If all you can hold on to right now is that feeling, then hold on tight. Don’t worry about what you see around you. Don’t worry about the stats. You have planted a seed and you WILL reap what you have sown.

The song below has blessed me and I pray it blesses you. Hold on, God is working!



Here is the song :


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