Falling in Love

It’s not what you think…the time will come for me to write about that in the future.

Today I just wanted to dote on my love for Jesus. Years ago I remember thinking that I was close to God and that I had a personal relationship with him. I recently realized I only had a surface kind of love for God. The kind of love where I told people about him and I went to church every Sunday.

“When you truly understand grace your prayers will be different. They will be filled with thanksgiving instead of request…”

What I am experiencing now is something deeper than I ever could have imagined. It’s a daily seeking of his company. It’s the kind of love that you can sense when he’s left the room or has entered it. To some this might sound weird but to others you know what I’m talking about.

How did I develop this relationship with God? Enduring the hard times. I was the kind of person that avoided tough times and prayed them away. Through my recent rough patch I’ve learned to dig deeper to find out what God is trying to show me and to surrender to his way. I’ve learned how to truly cast my cares on him and what it means to truly accept his Grace. So Danielle, are you saying I shouldn’t pray away hard times? Why would you pray away things you already have the victory over. When you truly understand grace your prayers will be different. They will be filled with thanksgiving instead of request.

I’ve been told most of my life that Grace isn’t something you earn but my human nature told me that I had to impress God. I was so wrong, God’s grace covers us despite our ways. There is no amount of work you can do to earn God’s grace. You simply have to live in this grace and follow his lead towards the life he created for you.

I could go on about God’s love and his grace but you truly have to seek him yourself to understand. What got me to this place was seeking him daily, praying daily, worshipping daily. Now when I say daily I don’t mean 10 min before you go to sleep but taking time out of your day to commune with God.

We do it all the time with earthly relationships, if you only contacted a friend once a day for 10 minutes to talk or every other day do you think you would really have a deep relationship? We spend time with our loved ones, we vacation together, hang out, dote on one another, doesn’t God deserve this as well.

My journey has just begun and I’m excited to see where he takes me, once again I encourage you to seek God for yourself. His love awaits.




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