I met a man of great peace

Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.


Earlier this year I was baptised and as phenominal of a day that was a major part of the memory is the man who baptised me. Before that day I never saw him before as I attend a large church and there are multiple pastors on staff. I’ve only been at the church for about a year and I am still meeting new people.

“…in that moment I felt like I saw peace in the physical realm. “

That morning I was filled with anxiousness, you can read the full story of why I was nervous about my baptism here.  As I sat there waiting for everything to start this older gentleman walked in and said good morning to everyone. Immediately a calmness came over me. His voice was soft yet powerful, his smile so gentle and meaningful. I have no idea what his life is like but in that moment I felt like I saw peace in the physical realm.

He told us how he got baptised a second time in Israel and how much it meant to him, I could feel his excitement as he spoke. I remember saying to myself this is a man that has been in the presence of Jesus, I want that! Could you imagine having such peace that even when you leave a room people are still touched.

My feelings were confirmed when my sister and father mentioned him as we drove home from church. They both said how the felt the peace emanating from him, we still speak of him all these months later. Lord may we all have peace like this man!

Today’s prayer;

Thank you Lord for Joy, for peace. Lord you are good and everything you do is good. Lord we thank you for your daily mercy, your daily bread. Thank you Lord for making us new, making us more like you.  

We ask everything in Jesus name!






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