Questioning the dry areas of life

 “So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. When he made love to her, the Lord enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son.”

Ruth 4:13

If you’re like me at some point you start to question the dry areas of your life. What are dry areas? They are the things or areas in your life that just aren’t working, things like financial hardship, singleness, having a hard time finding a job, your career isn’t where you thought it would be or infertility. 

Today the Lord led me to the book of Ruth and showed me quit a few things that will be a theme on the next couple of blog post but today I focused on one word, “enabled”.  

The book of Ruth is usually used when talking about finding the right spouse and foundations of a good marriage, etc. What jumped out at me today was in chapter four of this book in verse 13, highlighted above, was the word enabled. In the New King james version of the Bible the word enabled is replaced with “the Lord gave her conception”. 

“Ruth’s dry season led to the eventual birth of our savior…”

I thought to myself why would it be stated like that. It could have easily said that Boaz and Ruth came together and bore a son named Obed. Then I went back to the beginning to Ruth’s first marriage and realized she didn’t have any kids.  Now I don’t believe Ruth was barren but rather that God was being strategic with the end result being King David which ultimately is the linage of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Now my assumption is while Ruth was married to Mahlon, she probably wondered why she wasn’t getting pregnant. Although some speculate that Mahlon was sickly and sterile since his name translated is infinity/sick. Though she wasn’t infertile, it was still a dry season because she didn’t produce a child. 

Ruth’s dry season led to the eventual birth of our savior, now that’s huge!  What could your dry season be linked to. It made me think about what my dry season could be link to. The thing that I think God really wanted me to get is how Ruth overcame the dry season. Mainly the characteristics of Ruth. 

  1. She was a woman who showed sacrificial Love. (Ruth 2:11-12)
  2. She was a woman of passionate commitment. (Ruth 1:14)
  3. She was a hard and smart worker. (Ruth 2:7)
  4. She was a giver. (Ruth 2:18)
  5. She was a woman of noble character. (Ruth 3:11)

These are great characteristic to strive to and I will be working towards them daily and I pray that you will to. 

Today’s prayer:

Thank you Lord for your daily mercy! Thank you Lord for your grace, you are stretching us and molding us into who we were meant to be. Continue to pour into us, open our eyes and our hearts. Lord we will trust you every step of the way. 

In the mighty name of Jesus!





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