Blank Page/New start/Daily Blogging

   Here we are January 29th and I have not accomplished any of my Goals. I wrote that sentence then realized I haven’t set any goals hence why I haven’t accomplished them. Better late than never, I will list my goals here and you, whoever is reading this, will be my accountability partner.  Here we go:

Danielle’s 2018 Goals:

  1. Blog daily
  2. Exercise 5 times a week
  3. Submit articles to publishers weekly
  4. Write one story a week
  5. Edit one story a week
  6. Read one book outside of required reading  a month.
  7. Check in

   The most important one on my list is the last, Checking in! I’ve learned that at the end of each week I have to check in with myself and God … 

There you have it, today is the day that I start working towards the things listed above. Note that I didn’t put any lofty goals like, be successful, get rich, lose weight, gain followers etc. I’ve realized when you focus on the small attainable things God takes care of the rest. Keep in mind that the little things can be stressful and hard to do at times, I mean who WANTS to work out 5 times a week,  but if you atleast wake up determined to do what you planned God will give you the strength to see these things through. 

   Having a practical list keeps me motivated, encouraged and excited to see the outcome. These small steps are key to accomplishing bigger goals. Blogging daily will help me consistently provide content for the readers following me and engage new readers. Exercising will keep me healthy and in shape and eventually I will shed pounds. Submitting articles and writing weekley will get my work into the world and the rejection (oh sweet rejection) and practice will strengthen my writing. 

   The most important one on my list is the last, Checking in! I’ve learned that at the end of each week I have to check in with myself and God. How am I feeling? Am I taking time to rest? Have I done what God has asked me to do this week? Have I prayed for people other than myself? These are things I’ve started to ask myself and will continue to hopefully, till the day I leave this earth. 

   So I’m off to put these things on my calendar and take it one day at a time. Though it is 29th day of January it is day one of me changing my life, developing new habits and journeying towards the plan God has for my life. 





9 thoughts on “Blank Page/New start/Daily Blogging

  1. [ Smiles ] Are you sure that you are capable of accomplishing everything on your list.

    Now, even though you have managed to accomplish one item on your list, you would have accomplished a lot.

    I wish you all the best in accomplishing your goals for 2018.

    1. That’s a good idea, I appreciate your suggestion. I promised myself not to get discouraged if I don’t accomplish them all but I’ll at least give it a try. Xx

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