Doing A lot but not enough

Yesterday God checked me on a bad habit that was forming in me. I caught myself doing a lot yesterday but not doing enough of what I was supposed to do. I often busy myself with unnecessary things and neglect the things that I need to do. Last week wednesday I had a few assignments that were due the upcoming monday (yesterday). I didn’t have any more classes Thursday thru Sunday and somehow I found myself trying to complete all the assignments yesterday morning.

I scrambled to write three critiques for my poetry workshop, do my blog post, workout, clean my kitchen, clean the floors, scrub the stove  and then I got ready for school. When I got to my first class my classmates were speaking about the paper that was due. I totally forgot about it and my heart sank, I had four days to do a TWO page paper and I totally forgot. Then I hurried and read an assigned reading I forgot about for my next class before my current class started; when I got to my next class I was called on to explain the assigned reading. To my embarrassment I read the wrong assignment, I looked at my syllabus wrong and read the reading due 3/5 instead of 2/5.

I got in my car and drove home and my mind was just warped. I have started getting myself so focused with staying busy that I lost track of what’s important. I realized that I need to slow down, plan better and manage one task at a time. I have decided to write everything down on my calendar, check it daily and make sure I am staying on task.

I am thankful for God’s correction and his direction in our day to day life. I now have a laundry list of work I have to catch up on but I will not complain because I did it to myself. Here’s to planning better and staying on task.




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