This morning I woke up with overwhelming sadness. I would like to say this journey is peaches and roses and positivity reigns in my life but currently positivity is scarce. I guess this had been building up for the past few days hence why  I haven’t posted anything as my mind has been foggy.I opened my computer today and just decided to write, so I apologize in advance if this post incoherently sappy but I hop you read until the end. 

    I woke up at 6am and after 30 min of procrastination I got out of bed and exercised. I felt great after and made myself a cup of tea and sat down to watch a sermon on YouTube. About 5 minutes in I tuned out of what the pastor was saying and my mind was just flooded with thoughts of my situation; I’ve been job hunting for a year and my financial situation is grim. Tears welled up in my eyes and I cried, I got in the shower cried some more, got dressed and cried some more. 

    I got back in my bed turned on some worship music and threw the covers over my head. Then I  felt the Holy Spirit pulling me to stand up and pray and honestly I didn’t feel like it but I made the choice to heed his direction and I got up. I poured out every worry, I re-stated my belief and trust in God and cried even more. 

    Do I feel 100% now? No, but I feel way better than I did before. I still have questions, I’m still in the same situation I woke up in but I know that In my weakness God is my strength. He has this beautiful way of piecing us back together after we break ourselves down and we end up better than before. We often think that we are fine and masquerade in front of others as to not worry or inform them of our worries but God sees through all of that. 

    I am a work in progress and I’ve come too far to give up now. I was put her to be an encourager and will continue doing so until my dying breath. No matter what you are facing you have to CHOOSE not to give into the sadness of the situation and give into God to experience his overwhelming love. 

    I may feel down right now but I also feel immensely loved. The Holy Spirit that lives inside of us is our comforter but you have to allow him to comfort you. Be honest with God, be honest with yourself. Trials and Tribulations do not last forever; God’s grace, mercy and love are eternal. 

    I just wrote myself happy! No matter what you’re feeling keep pushing through. Chin up, head lifted high and take a step toward the greatness God has prepared for you. You are God’s greatest creation, nothing was wasted when he created you, you have everything that you need. Keep your eyes on him and not on your circumstances.  


      Father, I come to you for my friends reading this as well as for myself. Help us to keep focused on you and your word. Help us to remember the great sacrifice you made of giving up your only son for little ol’ us. You have imparted in us every single thing we need to accomplish what you put us here to do. You are our strength, you are our everything. Your word is true and you are worthy to be praised. Thank you father for picking up the pieces of our broken life and making us whole again. You are our father and we are your children. We ask everything in the mighty name of Jesus, we give all honor, glory and praise to you Lord because it’s already yours, Amen!

Smile Hun, you are loved !




3 thoughts on “Morning…

  1. You’re absolutely right! We must push through. If we keep our eyes on Him, He will take care of us! Life may not seem to be going our way sometimes but God is always in control!

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