Telling the truth…

     I seek to continually tell the truth about my life. I am a God fearing woman who loves passionately and fails often. I have days I wake up in extreme despair as depression plagued my past but I lean on God’s truth to reveal my truth so I can be the woman he created me to be. 

     I seek to find truth, the reasons behind my trials and triumphs. The crooked path that led to a straight road.  The woman who dreaded waking not wanting to deal with reality to the woman who now revels in the new beginnings the day brings. Some days are easier than others but she keeps pushing through. 

      I seek you, the truth, the light, the way. Seek first the kingdom of God and these things will be added to you. Boldness and confidence are found in your name. Your are mighty, you are our ever present help and I seek you and you alone. My sadness you can handle it, my failure you expected it, my triumph you created a way for it. You are the Author of life, my story you have perfected and I will rest in you. 

      My God, My God how lucky are we that we have you!





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