It’s a Celebration….

       Throughout the Bible we see many that have been brought to and through the wilderness prior to doing the will of God. King David’s training was done in the wilderness in preparation for his battle with Goliath, unbeknownst to him. John the baptist was brought through the wilderness and Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days. 

        Oh the triumphant feeling they must have felt when the came to the end of their training; being weak in flesh due to the intensity of the wilderness but strong in spirit and wiser in the ways of the Lord. 

“No matter what your going through, no matter the situation there is always a reason to celebrate because God is on the throne…”

        We all have these periods of when God separates us from the world and we think everything is crumbling around us but in reality he uses these moments to build us up. The wilderness is rough terrain but oh how it is needed. Would you walk into the wilderness intentionally probably not but will you be glad you went through it, oh yes. 

         I have become such a patient person, slow to become offended and eager to find the heart of the problem. I have gained such a love for God’s creation and a yearning for the presence of God everyday. My compassion for those hurting, there aren’t any words I could put together to explain how I feel, all I want to do is help.

         My creative juices have been set on fire to go into this world to be a light drawing people back to God. As I stand at the exit of my journey in the wilderness, I take this time to look back at all that has happened. The fighting through fear, overcoming depression, and becoming bolder in my character. 

        I have nothing major to report but I feel excited and I have learned to celebrate regardless because God is worthy of my praise no matter the circumstances. No matter what your going through, no matter the situation there is always a reason to celebrate because God is on the throne. Great things are in store for you; you are loved by the most high God, how better can it get than that! 





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