Praying for my workplace

Hey guys and gals,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m back.  I just wanted to share a revelation I received this morning that some of you might find helpful.

Lately, I’m seeing a new trend with Monday memes roaming around on social media :


They are more positive towards Monday as oppose to the old ones that saw Monday literally as satan’s birthday.

Being out of work caused me to change my perspective on Monday and every other day of the week for that matter. All the days of the week merge and I am no longer aware of what day of the week it is because I no longer have a routine.

People are trying to become more positive about Monday’s and It is wonderful, but it got me thinking.

At my previous jobs, I was always grateful to be working but never put any effort into praying for my employer. I complained about my pay, I was unhappy with certain policies and a few other things.

It seems like common sense as I type this, but I never prayed for my employer. If my employer is successful would that success not trickle down to me? duh, right.

On Thursday of this week, I start a new job and I will be praying hard for the success of my new workplace.  I won’t pray simply for the benefit of my success but for the betterment of my new co-workers, bosses, customers, basically, everyone will benefit.

If I start out this new job with this new mindset, I believe It will be an enjoyable atmosphere to work in where everyone will be thriving. There may be issues that arise but they will be unable to overwhelm me because I am connected to the God that can overwhelm that very Issue trying to overwhelm me.

I pray that you do the same. It can and will change your life.

Dear God,

I pray for my new workplace and the workplace of all my readers. May our employers experience supernatural increase, may those in charge be blessed physically, financial, spiritually and emotionally. Lord fill them with hope, joy and a peace that can only come from you. May our bosses see your light through us on every interaction we have with them. May we have peace with our co-workers, may they be blessed in every area of their lives. Give us opportunities to speak life into the lives of everyone we come into contact with on the job. May people see us as a safety net to catch them, hold them and bring them to you. You are an amazing and just God.  We cast all our cares on you and pray that your presence stays with us every step of this journey.

In the mighty name of Jesus,





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